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Learning Customer-focused Skills 

The rules of the game are changing. As competition for customers grows more intense, success depends on your organization’s ability to effectively and efficiently interact with the people you serve. 

Osprey is a leader in delivering effective customer-focused skills learning programs. Our custom workshops integrate insights from global best practices, innovative techniques and leading practices to enhance the skills and competencies of your front line leaders, service representatives, and teams.

Our corporate learning programs harness the talents, experience, and insights of industry leaders and learning specialists to deliver the results your company needs to succeed. 

Osprey learning programs operate first at the motivational level, and then gradually involve the learner in an interactive process where a learner first develops interest for new concepts and practices, and then successfully integrates them to their work setting. 

Our customized, turnkey learning progams include:
  • Consulting/needs assessment 
  • Learning design and development 
  • Learning solution delivery
  • Program monitoring and support
  • Peer-to-peer learning resources
Our interactive learning programs focus on three critical areas: 

  1. Improve employees' skills and capabilities while influencing their mind-sets to strengthen customer relationships  
  2. Equip frontline leaders to serve as role models for empowering customer-focused teams and individuals 
  3. Encourage on-going learning about best practices, innovative approaches, and customer insights
Our on-site instructor-led and blended V/e-Learning™ workshops enable learners at all levels to develop the capabilities and attitude to make a lasting impression on your customers. 
With depth and breadth of experience in partnering with the world’s top service companies, Osprey has become a global leader in building
the customer-focused capabilities necessary to succeeding in a crowded, global marketplace.

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