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Technology Advice

Osprey is at the the intersection of business and smart service technology. We are a trusted, independent advisor with a solid record of helping global clients leverage technology to improve the customer experience, build customer loyalty, and boost profitability.

We set the stage for planning and implementing CRM and Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions based on meeting your strategic business objectives. We look at the big picture -- not just the technical specifications -- and focus on fulfilling your specific marketing, sales, and service goals.

We begin by studying your existing IT landscape and defining your  customer requirements. Then, we develop an enterprise-wide road map for building a solution that is in alignment  with your business strategy. We also bring relevant business cases that communicate the value of the technology investment to your stakeholders. 

Using this approach, we help you gain seven critical advantages:
  1. Align your technology initiative with your vision, strategy, and organization
  2. Adopt current best practices for implementing CRM and CEM programs in your industry
  3. Design a solution that encourages enterprise-wide collaboration around improving the customer experience
  4. Minimize business disruptions and program failures while  improving operational performance
  5. Build service systems (people, process and tools) to give you a competitive market advantage
  6. Develop the capabilities of your internal team to implement and support a solution that generates lasting, sustainable value
  7. Use precision Social CRM tools for building stronger customer relationships while growing your customer communities.
In order to serve our clients' needs, we take an independent, neutral approach to technology advice. We do maintain alliances with key technology providers to expand our capabilities and extend our reach.

> Let's talk about how we can help you tap the power of smart technology to improve your business performance.