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Customer Experience Surveys™

Acquiring deeper knowledge about how customers think and feel about your product offerings is vital to success. Surveying customers is an effective method for gathering this information. But, surveys are often undermined by mistakes in design and interpretation, especially when researchers focus on the wrong premise.

The prevailing survey model is based on Customer Satisfaction. Many practitioners still believe that satisfaction is synonymous with the consumer’s perception of value. But we believe that measuring satisfaction alone is an overly narrow focus and that other factors such as repurchase intention play a far greater role in predicting customer behavior.

Osprey Associates aims to determine what specific factors correlate with customer behavior. We enable clients to gain a deeper understanding of customers in order to identify opportunities for delivering greater value. Armed with those insights, clients can fine-tune their offerings and channel resources to produce cost-efficient revenue.

Our Customer Experience (CE) Surveys™ focus on how customers think and feel about their service experiences, and how they will likely act based on these factors. Emphasizing both thinking and feeling is consistent with current behavioral research, which shows that both components influence the customer's decision-making.

Our surveys pinpoint which factors bring the customer back and which dampen their intention to repurchase. We identify emerging trends in customer attitudes, priorities and buying habits, which can be converted into actions for boosting loyalty and add-on sales rates.

In developing CE Surveys™, we ensure the following criteria are met:

  • Construct validity - Does the survey instrument measure what it purports to measure?
  • Internal reliability - Are all of the questions sufficiently correlated with one another, with a common focus on the variable of interest?
  • Predictive validity - How well does the instrument predict repurchase behavior?

These factors are essential for effective survey-design, but that’s not all. Unless sampling rates are adequate, surveys are not valid. Osprey surveys ensure an adequate response rate because we take crucial elements into consideration such as the reader’s impression of the survey and how questions are framed. Every question is designed to overcome the respondent’s inability or unwillingness to answer. We design surveys to generate the maximum response rate.

The ideal survey method varies by business context. Each client’s channels and ways of engaging customers are unique. Accordingly, we recommend a customized strategy that meets each client’s needs from the following survey types: telephone interviews, direct mail, e-mail, and web-enabled (internet/intranet).

After tabulating the results, we present clients with a detailed report that identifies the specific factors that correlate with purchasing behavior. Prioritized actions can then be assigned.

Designing surveys is as much an art as a science. Crafting powerful surveys requires a blend of creativity and technological skill. We, at Osprey Associates, are committed to delivering state-of-the-art surveys that enable you to discover opportunities for cost-efficiently boosting customer retention and revenues.

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