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Strategic BPO

Is outsourcing your customer-facing processes the right solution for you? Osprey helps your team make the right choice. If outsourcing 
service processes makes sense for your company, we help you gain the maximum benefits while mitigating the risks.

Our diagnostic assessment takes a look at your firm's current customer care processes using our proprietary methodology and industry knowledge. We help you by:
  • Evaluating your customer contact processes 
  • Identifying critical service gaps
  • Recommending viable strategies and approaches
If outsourcing is the answer we help you select the right partner at the right price and help you retain control of the process.  Our solutions call for a collaborative process that entails transparency, explicit accountabilities, and data-driven metrics.

As experts in building customer relationships, we help you achieve these goals quickly and efficiently. We can also help you develop, 
negotiate,and manage your outsourcing relationship. 

Our global network of quality outsourcers deliver superior BPO solutions that leverage process, domain and human capital expertise. We help 
you manage every step of the process from selecting and managing 
your partner to measuring results ensuring that your customers consistently receive the highest quality services.

Osprey is ready to help you make the right decisions about outsourcing your customer service processes. 

Contact us for more information or services.