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Osprey in the Middle East

Osprey helps companies throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to develop effective tools and techniques for building more robust  customer service capabilities.

Customer service in the MENA region had been traditionally viewed as a cost burden to the firm -- a checked box to show that the organization is minding its customers.

But the region is maturing rapidly. Multinational competitors have been  arriving and a growing consumer class is increasingly demanding higher service levels with faster responses to queries and more convenient service channels.

Vanguard firms in the region are responding. They're leapfrogging traditional  technology and business practices and building  robust service systems (people-process-technology) that improve their customer experience across multiple touch points. 

Such profound changes present a myriad of opportunities and challenges for companies in the region. Our work examines the market drivers and trends across Middle Eastern markets while our strategy focus is aimed at helping regional clients to improve their service performance to generate more customer retention and revenue. 

We're working closely with companies in the MENA region to develop service system capabilities that enable them to gain decisive, sustainable  competitive advantages. 

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