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How we're different...

At Osprey, we help clients create value across the customer experience. We approach all challenges by asking, “How can we make the experience better for the customer—quicker, easier and more adaptive?” Our work is rooted in answering that central question.

We’re different than traditional consultancies in fundamental ways.  As experts in the customer experience across industries, we focus on the factors that motivate your customers to buy. But we don't stop there...

We take a more strategic view of service. We know that building effective service delivery systems consists of aligning people, processes and tools to enable more satisfying  customer experiences.  By focusing on the optimizng service systems, we're able to help clients enhance performance while minimizing operating costs.

We’re different by design, too. We run our company in a highly collaborative manner. Every advisor is an experienced leader with years of hands-on experience who makes a contribution not just to their area but to the whole organization.  

We resist slick answers to complex problems. We don’t conform to the clichés of habitual thinking. We think about service challenges from a rigorous, analytical perspective, but we look for creative ways to develop innovative solutions.

Finally, we appreciate the unique pressures that each client faces. Every solution is created in close collaboration with our clients. We know that’s the best way to help our clients make sustainable improvements.

Our bold approach to getting results requires confident, imaginative people who communicate ideas clearly.  That's who we are and how we're different.

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