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About Osprey


Founded in 2002, Osprey specializes in helping global companies to improve business performance through service innovation. We enable market-leaders to design and deliver capital-efficient, customer-focused services.

Our multidisciplinary team works closely with clients to discover insights about customer preferences and apply those insights to designing and fine-tuning offerings.

As a learning-centered firm, we continually refine our tools and practices to uncover innovative ways of creating value. Using a robust, agile framework enables us to accelerate the exchange of knowledge across boundaries.


Our focus is on integrating the 'service systems' – people, processes and technology – that manage the touch points and channels used to engage customers.

Our analytical framework is at the junction of three disciplines: 1) customer experience design, 2) service research, and 3) service-oriented technology.

We believe it’s critical to understand customers’ unique behavioral drivers before evaluating, designing or optimizing touch points and service systems.

We bring foresight, experience, and a highly collaborative approach to designing solutions that have a quick and lasting impact. We are known for our depth of industry experience, analytical rigor, and creativity.
We’ve worked with some of the top brands—mobiles, airlines, banks and retailers—in markets around the world. 

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