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Service Enterprise Tools

Customer Lifecycle Optimization 


Extend the profitability of customers over their lifecycle. Define and develop a framework of cost/benefit metrics for customer acquisition, conversion, interaction, and retention. Define resources allocated to support service processes.  Reduce non-productive steps while increasing operational benefits.

  • Segment customers on the basis of their value potential
  • Identify and attract customers who are aligned with the organization’s strategic goals
  • Bring discipline to customer interaction and retention processes
  • Allocate contact resources to customers that generate more repeat and referral business
  • Allocate resources away from lower value customers
  • Create robust systems that enhance service performance
  • Track customer valuation

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Identify and optimize customer lifecycle drivers
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Boost revenue generation
  • Reduce cost-to-service customers
  • Improve customer profitability

Enterprise Analytics 


Define and develop decision-support tools to help oganizations 
assess or justify strategic and tactical customer service initiatives. 
View issues in context through incisive analytical tools and data.   Help clients build robust analytical capabilities.


  • Predictive modeling to forecast future events
  • Segment customers with similar traits and behaviors into  distinct clusters
  • Gain greater insight into service performance drivers
  • Understand processes in the context of service delivery

  • Increase the quality and value of data across the organization
  • Increase revenues at the point of customer interaction
  • Drive customer retention
  • Reduce the length of sales cycles
  • Decrease analysts’ workload, increase their focus on higher value assignments
  • Optimize data-mining investments and coordinate predictive analytics across the organization

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