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Enterprise Consulting - Strategy

Service Strategy: Delivering Service as a Competitive Advantage


Plan and execute differentiated customer strategies and take intelligent action across all channels. Gain visibility into customer performance and plan precise strategies that grow value.

Set value targets for each customer segment and track ongoing performance in real time. Define customer value propositions that are both differentiated and targeted to the potential value.

  • Value chain and competitive analysis
  • Strategic organization development focus and support for managed change
  • Clearly articulate and communicate strategic objectives with strategy maps
  • Drive accountability using hierarchical KPIs and user-defined targets to cascade and communicate objectives

  • Targeted service offerings that optimize market share and favorable customer response
  • Corporate focus on leveraging core competencies to build customer value
  • Process, technology, organization, and personnel capabilities aligned to support service strategies
  • Improved enterprise performance to drive corporate growth  and profitability

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