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For Immediate Release
Chicago, IL - February 15, 2008

Osprey Launches its Worldwide Emerging Markets Practice

The company expands its advisory, education and research services aimed at enabling performance for customer-centric companies in Emerging Markets regions. 

CHICAGO, IL--Osprey Associates today announced the launch of its Emerging Markets practice offering advisory, research and educational services in developing markets around the globe.

Osprey will leverage its unique experiences of working with companies in high growth markets to deliver solutions designed to enable businesses in these regions to grow their customer base and revenue while minimizing operating expenses. The geographic markets targeted for this initiative include the GCC, Southern-Eastern Europe and Africa (North and Sub-Saharan) zones.

The practice will provide business and technology consulting to enterprises across multiple industries, notably telecommunications, financial services, and travel & hospitality.

The launch represents the culmination of recent initiatives that expanded the company’s global reach and ability to deliver targeted solutions to businesses and their consumers worldwide.

The practice will focus on organizational development and governance; operational process assessment; and a strategic review aimed at identifying opportunities for increasing the value of customer relationships.

Osprey will also provide education and research services in the area of service management through its Deep Blue knowledge transfer program enabling businesses to develop the workforce skills necessary to compete on an increasingly global stage.

The EM practice will provide consulting and technical staff from bases in the regions in conjunction with the Emerging Markets team based in Chicago providing the management and technical support for the effort. The Chicago-based team is also charged with allocating resources to ensure producing efficient, rapid results for clients in the targeted regions.

Speaking of the announcement, Steve Finikiotis, President and CEO of Osprey said, "Our vision is to enable businesses in emerging region to meet the complex challenges of an ever-changing, global marketplace."

“We are tremendously pleased with the launch. Osprey will continue to build on our track record of successes in emerging markets to grow globally in targeted segments.”

He added, “Our offering is unique in two ways, will offer the depth and diversity of expertise that only a specialized consultancy can provide, and all those charged with leading this initiative have personal experience of leading successful global projects. 

Patricia Bryant, Director of Communications notes, “Osprey has been an acknowledged and respected leader delivering services to new markets. It is therefore with much enthusiasm that we formally launch our practice dedicated to solving on the complex business challenges of emerging markets.”

Core areas of expertise within Osprey’s Emerging Markets practice include:

  • Accelerating customer retention and acquisition while increasing wallet share
  • Creating an environment to deliver efficient, differentiated customer service
  • Using distance learning and information technology to build capacity and enhance competitiveness
About Osprey Associates, LLC
Osprey Associates, LLC is one of the foremost providers of management and technology consulting services to Global 2000 companies on 5 continents worldwide.

Based in Chicago, IL, the firm has major practice areas focusing on Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Air Transport and Hospitality Services markets. Osprey professionals have solid built a reputation for getting results enabling global clients to achieve their economic goals by improving service performance, and working closely with them to maximize the benefits over time.

For more, contact Patricia Bryant - Director Communications or visit the Company's website at www.ospreyvision.com.