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For Immediate Release
Chicago IL - Feb 25, 2008

Osprey Announces a Strategic Alliance serving the West African Business Market

Osprey Associates and Ghana-based e.Services Africa today announced the expansion of their strategic alliance to develop, deliver, and manage innovative customer contact solutions for the West African business market.

This marks the first time the two companies are jointly offering integrated solutions targeting the growing call center market in the Greater West Africa region. The companies have also agreed separately to deliver an array of business solutions through the Deep Blue Alliance network.

Both companies recognize that contact centers have become increasingly strategic assets for businesses worldwide and throughout Africa as customer service continues to play a major role in establishing competitive differentiation and building long-term customer loyalty. Osprey is a global leader and pioneer in enhancing customer service interactions to increase loyalty and revenue.

Osprey works with mid-range and enterprise clients around the world to develop and support interventions that increase customer equity using a comprehensive range of business diagnostic and support tools.

E.Services provides advanced, full-lifecycle business process outsourcing through their contact center which handles a wide range of customer inquires. The Accra-based company has long been recognized as a technology leader. E.Services helps clients acquire and retain customers using innovative technologies and practices.

The alliance will deliver full end-to-end contact services with robust analytical functionality, supporting clients’ critical customer services such as customer inquiry, product support, and activity management. The solution features Insight Analytics™, a powerful suite of tools that pinpoints and prioritizes customer drivers.

"Our aim is to become the foremost business resource for improving business performance throughout the Greater West African market.” said Steve Finikiotis, President and CEO of Osprey. “Working together, our companies can empower regional clients serving an increasingly global marketplace.”

“Our alliance is committed to helping clients achieve excellence in delivering customer service," said Kojo Hayford, CEO of e.Services. "Our unique approach presents an enormous opportunity for both our companies to support current customers and also to capture new customers in this growing segment of the market.”

The strategic alliance enables the two companies to provide unparalleled customer contact solutions to regional verticals such as telecommunications, financial services, government, technology and travel, among others. By delivering high quality customer-centric service, clients in the region can satisfy more customers, keep them longer, and realize more revenue during the life of each relationship.

About Osprey Associates

Osprey Associates, LLC is one of the foremost providers of management and technology consulting services to Global 2000 companies across five continents.

Based in Chicago, IL, the firm delivers solutions that improve customer relationships and drive value in telecommunications, financial services, air transport and hospitality sectors. Osprey professionals have built a solid reputation enabling global clients to achieve their economic goals by enhancing their service performance capabilities.

About e.Services Africa

E.Services Africa is a recognized leader in business process outsourcing and technology optimization delivering powerful solutions to companies in the Greater West Africa region. 

Based in Accra, Ghana, the company brings world-class resources, technology, and expertise to build and sustain valuable relationships between market leading companies and their customers. 

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