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Our Customer Experience Framework®

At Osprey, we focus on optimizing the service systems (people, process and platform) that companies use to control the touch points that influence the customer's experience. Here's how we do it:

Service Strategy
  • Understand the company's service systems (people, process & platform) and their impact on business performance
  • Conduct effective segmentation, targeting, and positioning
  • Determine customer preferences and behavioral drivers by segment
  • Focus on relationship-building for key customer segments
  • Influence customer segments to choose more effective channels
  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities to provide more value added services
Optimizing the Customer Experience
  • Assess the customer experience at each touch point and identify gaps or opportunities for improvement and innovation
  • Align structure, information & decision-support systems, human capital policies & practices, and incentives
Organizational Impact
  • Make service system performance optimization a continuous, strategic-level process
  • Focus organizational learning on touch point design, service system optimization, and customer relationship-building
  • Build service leadership and practitioner skills through effective learning, modeling, and incentive programs

Let's talk about how we adapt this framework to your company's unique market opportunities and challenges.