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For Immediate Release
Chicago, IL - Jul 21, 2009

Osprey unveils CUSTOMER ARC™, an integrated suite of customer experience consulting services.

Osprey Associates, a leading provider of consulting, research and learning in service management has announced its integrated suite of consulting services called CUSTOMER ARC™ which refers to addressing each of the three phases of the customer lifecycle: Acquisition, Retention and Cultivation. 

The company's innovative consulting program is aimed at enabling firms to rapidly assess their existing customer experience, and to identify and tap opportunities for extending customer lifecycles and improving profitability. ARC has both diagnostic and action components that are used in tandem to improve areas within service systems that require remediation. 

ARC is a novel way to plan and execute service strategy. It uses a digital mapping canvas that graphically depicts the drivers affecting a  target customers’ willingness to remain loyal and to repurchase.    

Spokesperson Patricia Bryant said, "ARC is the culmination of 10 months of extensive research into how service leading companies  measure and enhance their customer experiences while 
strengthening relationships with target customers."  

According to Bryant, the company studied the service practices of service category leaders including Starwood Hotels, Virgin Group, Emirates Airlines, and T-Mobile to identify key strategy and management traits that encourage more customer retention and
purchasing behavior.  

“ARC was designed to help clients visualize the customer experience from the outside-in," explained Steve Finikiotis, CEO - Osprey. "Clients benefit from seeing how their processes meet  peoples' needs at all points across customer relationships." 

He said, “We’re always seeking innovative ways to help our clients  deliver services that are quicker, more flexible, more accessible, 
and more interactive -- that's the thinking behind ARC”.  

About Osprey Associates

Osprey Associates is an innovative consulting, research and education firm that specializes in improving all phases of the Customer Experience.

Osprey uses a suite of complimentary services to help global companies design and deliver an exceptional customer experiences to increase customer retention, wallet-share, advocacy and profitability.

Osprey’s practice areas include Strategy Consulting, Learning & Development, Research, Analytics, Process Engineering and Quality Management. These components are combined to measure and improve the customer experience, or delivered individually to target tactical service challenges.

Osprey clients include some of the world’s leading companies and brands, including AT & T, Starwood, Northwest Airlines, and Federated Department Stores.

For more information about CUSTOMER ARC™ contact Patricia Bryant by email or phone, +1-312-546-6600 x5.