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Research Practice

In this time of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, Osprey provides clients with insight and context to design and deliver more competitive offerings. 

We use qualitative research to uncover, analyze and synthesize insights that lead to practical recommendations for new products, services, features, environments and interactions. 

'Empathic research' is aimed at surfacing latent customer needs by observing people using services rather than by traditional inquiry  methods. We bring an open mind and a a range of advanced tools that enable us to observe beaviors and notice clues that guide decision-making.

In addition to these techniques, we investigate how breakthrough technologies and practices in one setting can be adapted to bringing or improving offerings in other settings.  

Our team collaborates with you to discover fresh insights that can  optimize your customer experience to build more loyalty and revenue, and to increase the value of every segment, relationship, and interaction. And, we don't stop there. We help make insights accessible and easy to integrate into your business model.  

At Osprey, we are poised to help your firm create a transformative customer experience and drive more value at every touchpoint and over every channel

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