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Research Focus

Osprey's focus is on conducting qualitative, contextual reseach to inform your service design and improvement decisions.  We strive to collect and interpret data on the way your customers interact with your offerings. We find out how your customers are using your products and services, and what it means.  

Our targeted, qualitative research helps you to more effectively:

  • Listen to and understand the voice of your customer;
  • Uncover the customer's repurchase drivers;
  • Understand how customer attitudes and needs differ among various  customer segments; 
  • Drive speed, consistency, clarity, and effectiveness by fact-based decision-making.
You can expect the following: 

  • Make better product-service strategy decisions on an on-going basis; 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what drives customer behavior; 
  • Improve win ratios by analyzing successes and failures of customer touch points, environments, features, and interactions.
Our research team delivers a targeted, customized solution to 
support your planning efforts. Our team is ready to help your company face its most significant challenges and opportunities.

Let's talk about how Osprey research can help your organization.