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For Immediate Release
Saint Louis, Missouri-January 7, 2006

Launching IT Solutions for the Air Transport Sector

Osprey Associates announced the launch of its Aviation Sector IT solutions platform, Airwave 3.0®, aimed at providing clients with leadership in technology development and management. Airwave 3.0® will feature a portfolio of innovative offerings to help air transport companies harness advances in technology. The St. Louis-based company will announce a series of alliances with technology leaders aimed at supporting the program.

“Technology will have a more ‘disruptive’ effect on the global air transport industry than ever before,” according to Steve Finikiotis, Osprey Associates’ chief business strategist. “Airwave 3.0® will enable service-minded companies in the sector to harness the opportunities available through emerging technologies.”

The expected growth of technology in the airline sector stems from pent-up demand following years of necessary cost-restructuring, according to Finikiotis. “While no one can precisely forecast the impact of technology in the sector, current developments point to interesting opportunities ahead.”

Finikiotis says Osprey Associates believes more airlines will continue to outsource particular areas of technology management while also embracing open source architecture in developing new applications. “Open source isn’t new but companies are finally revved up to take advantage of its benefits.”

The trend, driven by the need to maintain compatibility with myriad legacy applications, will support a broad array of new practices to enhance performance and generate revenue growth. “Osprey Associates’ Airwave 3.0® is poised to help airlines and airports differentiate themselves on the basis of service, and we’re excited about that.”