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For Immediate Release
Saint Louis, Missouri-December 6, 2005

Airlines Aiming to Improve Customer’s Experiences - Telebriefing

Osprey Associates will present its latest findings and new insights on the key issues that airlines face as they build better capabilities around the Customer Experience. The findings will be presented on Tuesday, January 18, 2006 at 2PM ET via an interactive web-conference. The cost of the session is $139.00. The analysis comes from Osprey Associates Research (OAR) team which tracks trends in how the airline industry is working to better address the needs of its customers.

The industry research establishes benchmarks and best practices in priorities and resource allocation issues. New research provides insights into the experience that customers want from airlines. It also examines potential benefits in customer revenue and retention.

Key questions to be addressed:

  • What do customers (among various segments) seek from their airline experience?
  • How can customer touch points be improved to increase customer retention and revenue?
  • What are the opportunities for enhancing and differentiating the customer experience?
  • What “touch points” are airlines currently tasked to improve?
  • What role can new technology play in improving the customer experience
  • What are the typical reporting structures for the customer service management roles?
  • What are future opportunities for customer experience management within the aviation sector?
  • What are the opportunities for enhancing and differentiating the customer experience?
  • How is the impact of the customer’s experience currently measured? And are there better ways to conduct impact analysis?

Session Speaker:

  • Steve Finikiotis, principal

If you do not subscribe to Osprey Associates’ web-enabled series and would like to participate, please contact Osprey Associates’ client services group at 314-317-2213 or email client.services@ospreyvision.com. For more information please contact media@ospreyvision.com.