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For Immediate Release
Saint Louis, Missouri-November 27, 2006

Osprey Associates Looks Ahead to 2007 and Beyond…

St. Louis-based business performance consultancy, Osprey Associates, is holding its annual Look Ahead Advisory Board meeting on Friday, December 15, 2006 in St Louis to present strategy and goals for 2007 and beyond.

These include:

  • A new internal performance scorecard emphasizing revenue growth, margins and return on capital, balance sheet metrics and customer satisfaction
  • Our commitment to measured, focused growth in the year ahead
  • Seizing new opportunities in the services sectors
  • Continued growth in international markets

Chief Executive Steve Finikiotis reports:

Looking back…

"Over the past year we have delivered rapid growth by transforming our portfolio of offerings and capabilities. I'm confident Osprey will expand our competitively advantaged offerings next year and beyond."

Key Achievements 2006

We have outperformed expectations for new engagements, funding growth in innovative consulting, research and learning solutions. We simplified our structure and improved our decision-making process. Osprey Associates is a stronger business -- well positioned to drive growth and innovation for our clients in the future.

Osprey Scorecard

Highlights from Osprey’s 2007 Scorecard:

  • Projected growth through an effective marketing strategy and efficiency initiatives
  • Tapping new markets both in the U.S. and overseas
  • Increased return on capital through disciplined resource allocation
  • Maintaining an efficient balance sheet
  • Internal performance & meeting clients’ goals
  • Developing new skill sets that anticipate clients’ needs
  • Creating value for all our clients, partners and stakeholders