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For Immediate Release
Saint Louis, Missouri-June 23, 2006

Osprey Associates’ Announces its Fall 2006 Executive Learning Program

Osprey Associates announced its Fall 2006 program for custom Executive Learning aimed at service-centric organizations and their leaders. The workshops range from one-day seminars to more extensive programs. All are crafted to meet the needs of busy executives seeking valuable insights that can be applied immediately.

“The 2nd Semester workshops extend our highly successful learning programs. They convert theory into practice, and include business cases unique to each company,” said Steve Finikiotis, Osprey Associates’ CEO. Learners are exposed to a blend of research, case study and unique exercises involving the “Customer Lab,” in which small teams of learners discover latent customer needs, conceptualize new offerings, and devise simulated take-to-market scenarios. Beyond our basic instructor-led workshops, blended learning components add e-learning exercises and peer interaction to build upon knowledge acquired in the classroom.

Areas of study include:

  1. Enhancing the Value Chain
  2. Harnessing Next Wave Technologies
  3. Improving Relational Competencies
  4. Scenario Planning for What Comes Next
  5. Executing Effective Mergers
  6. Understanding and Leveraging Customer Insights
  7. Creating the Customer-driven Organization
  8. Optimizing Business Processes
  9. Successful Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  10. Superior Contact Management Practices (New)

These Fall workshops will be offered between September 11 and December 11, 2006. For more information, contact media@ospreyvision.com; or contact our Training and Development group directly at 314-317-2213 or training@ospreyvision.com.