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Osprey Services on the Frontier 

Osprey and our network of partners are working with market-leading companies to understand and serve the needs of customers in rapidly-gowing frontier markets. 

We help clients in emerging and frontier markets to find creative ways to generate new sources of value .We're working across borders to help leading  companies in nascent markets to find cutting-edge solutions for building stronger, more profitable relationships with their customers.  

Our work is at the junction of three disciplines: (1) service design and optimization, (2) service-oriented technologies and (3) rigorous market research. We're focused on meeting the unique behavioral drivers of each customer segment in frontier markets.

Our global and regional practioners and partners work closely with our clients' teams to meet the following strategic objectives:
  • Influence customer behaviors across multiple channels,
  • Optimize service systems (people, process and technology) to enable consistent, differentiated customer experiences, 
  • Provide a single, comprehensive customer view from multiple platforms, applications and data sources,
  • Generate incremental revenue by providing value-added services to  customers, 
  • Use customer analytics to guide revenue-generating and churn-prevention initiatives,
  • Increase customer loyalty and brand advocacy with tools that integrate planning, learning, and execution. 
We help clients in emergin regions to allocate resources in a manner that is effective and efficient. We deliver solutions are rapid-impact, low-risk, and driven by lean processes. 

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