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Customer Insight Lab

At our Customer Insight Lab, we help clients to gather insights 
about their customers' unique preferences and behavioral drivers. 
These insights enable companies to set their agenda for building greater loyalty and revenue by influencing customer behavior.

Our research into the success and failure of global services has shown that the most critical factor separating these outcomes is gaining a deeper understanding of customer preferences, attitude and behavior.  This insight has had a fundamental impact in our work with clients interested in increasing customer retention, revenue and advocacy. 

The prevailing service model emphasizes customer satisfaction ("c-sat") which many managers believe is predictive of repurchasing behavior. At Osprey, we think emphasizing satisfaction alone is an overly narrow focus and that multiple drivers, unique to each context, play a far greater role in influencing behavior.  

At the Customer Insight Lab we look for the specific behavioral drivers 
particular to each setting to help you create value that drives more profitable behavior. 

By tapping these insights about your customers, you can design, plan and deliver innovative, well-differentiated offerings or redesign your existing  touch points to achieve greater success. 

We're poised and ready to help your company strengthen its relationships with your target customers.   

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