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Osprey Associates in Collaboration with

Our alliance with IATA leverages our organizations’ collective skills to serve the U.S. aviation industry. IATA’s global aviation expertise -- spanning every facet of the industry -- is unparalleled. IATA’s unmatched training programs enable clients to efficiently expand their capabilities. The organization brings together 265 airlines around the globe whose routes comprise 94 percent of worldwide air traffic.

Osprey Associates is gifted with a unique understanding of the challenges industry leaders are facing through our multidisciplinary perspective. Our company brings over 150 years of senior aviation management expertise together with seasoned experts from a broad range of business disciplines.

Working together enables us to help aviation clients step “out of the box” to achieve a competitive advantage while lowering costs and boosting revenue. Our transport practice is focused on a variety of projects, from operational assessment and planning to specific functional assignments, all of which are designed to produce sustainable value for our clients and their customers.