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Insight-to-Interaction (I-to-I)

An emerging business focus—tapping customer insights—is unlocking the promise of CRM, maximizing revenue while enhancing the customer experience. Advances in technology are now making it feasible for more companies to harness the full benefits of capturing and applying customer insights to improving service.

What is Insight-to-Interaction (I-to-I)?

Every time a customer interacts with a company, the “conversation” can be converted to an insight about the customer’s needs and behavior. Tapping customer insights enables companies to identify and engage their most valuable customers.

Now, by combining emergent technologies, companies can enrich interactions with real-time access to that customer's history‹their Internet activity, demographic profile and externally acquired data from numerous sources. As a result, the company can aim its offerings with greater precision to specific customers, expanding the frontier of customer experience management. We call this nascent phase of informing conversations with customers, Insight-to-Interaction or I-to-I.

Customer Insight

Each customer insight is a conversation that integrates marketing, sales and service reaching across all media, from the Web to voice and other communication channels. Tapping insights contains five basic components and each helps to generate value from customer conversations. These components are data collection, data analysis, interaction optimization, insight management and personalization.

Most companies already have robust data gathering and data analysis capabilities, but stop short of using that data to support the customer’s experience. By adding the other three components, companies can connect services with customer interactions, increasing value by doing the following:

  • Optimization allocates marketing resources across a large number of customer, service and channel combinations.
  • Insight management plans, coordinates and tracks customer campaigns.
  • Personalization tailors content to create unique "conversations" with clients, across all channels and customer contacts.


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