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I’m a managing partner and co-founder at South Point, an accelerator focused on advancing growth-stage tech ventures serving Middle East and Gulf markets. I’m also a principal at Osprey, a boutique advisory firm that helps multinationals, large and small, to build successful international markets.

Having worked in more than 35 countries in three decades, I’ve seen countless business cycles come and go. Now, despite concerns raised about the challenges of advancing globalization and technology, this is a propitious time to “go global.” But, more than ever, it’s imperative to be equipped with a sound knowledge base and smart guidance.

With insights into global business and ground-level experience, our team analyzes new markets — assessing opportunities and risks — to inform strategic planning processes. My colleagues and I focus on key cities as focal points for building markets. Backed by experts in economic modeling and forecasting, we enable strategists in making well-informed choices and guide them along the way as needed.

The aim of my blog is to explore ideas that are shaping global markets. I try to develop useful insights on issues likely to affect market entry decisions and peel away misconceptions. Sometimes, I veer off point to explore passions like advocating to reform the fractured immigration and trade policies in the USA. These are issues I’m committed to seeing through regardless of political interests that have derailed common sense reforms that I’m convinced can catalyze economic growth.

There’s always much to learn in this fast-changing field and writing helps me think more systematically about what matters. Writing has always been a valuable tool for discovering and validating ideas. My aim is to approach the exercise with a measure of circumspection, hoping that my reflections are of interest and utility to readers.

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Image: Commemorating Singapore’s 50th anniversary last year (’15). ] Watching its development in recent years, up-close at times, has been fascinating and instructive.