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Executive Learning Suite
FALL 2010
September 13 - December 14

Strengthening the Value Chain
Course Title: Optimizing the Value Chain, #3-101-106

Next Wave Technology and the Customer Experience
Course Title: Harnessing "Next Wave" Technologies, #3-204-106

Developing Workforce Relational Competencies
Course Title: Improving Relational Coordination, #3-501-106

Scenario Planning for What Comes Next
Course Title: Building Scenarios for Business, #3-110-300

Developing and Leveraging Customer Insights
Course Title: Understanding and Fulfilling Customer Needs, #3-800-501

Delivering Customer Value
Course Title: Creating the Customer-driven Company, #3-900-100

Optimizing Business Processes
Course Title: Driving Process Optimization, #3-500-100

Successful Business Process Outsourcing
Course Title: Strategic Outsourcing, #3-650-400

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