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Seminars and Webcasts

Osprey hosts informative web gatherings for executives and managers of service firms. You'll experience insight-packed sessions led by Osprey analysts who present cutting-edge  case reviews, peer exchanges, keynotes by industry’s top leaders, and much more.

The conversation is open to everyone. You don't have to be an Osprey client to attend. Held over the course of an afternoon in a virtual setting, 
each virtual seminar is an in-depth learning experience with a limited number of attendees, affording you an intensive, interactive exchange with other participants and analysts who facilitate the sessions. 

Osprey web seminars and webcasts typically feature: 

  • Topical drill-down presentations  
  • Peer-reviewed papers 
  • Book reviews and discussions
  • Business case studies and reviews 
  • Keynotes from the leading industry thinkers 
  • Facilitated peer-to-peer networking programs 
You gain actionable insights into the multivariant dynamics of the customer experience, customer relationships, and customer segmentation treatments. 

We focus on the following themes:

  • Customer Experience Management: Improving the Customer Experience across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Service Innovation: Exploring effective organizational, technological, and operational breakthroughs.
  • Enterprise Optimization: Streamlining and better coordinating business processes to deliver more customer value while minimizing expenses.
  • Relational Competency: Improving service competitiveness by enhancing workers’ communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Emergent Technologies: Delving into new technologies which make it possible to create and deliver customer value.  

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