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Decision Support

We help clients with all or particular phases of problem-analysis, decision making, and planning. We use proven, advanced  analytical tools and planning methods to improve your service delivery  processes and strengthen your customer relationships.

Our decision support services enable companies to increase customer profitability by using insights to enhance their products, services and offers. We help you apply exacting analytics to improve the customer experience across your touchpoints and channels.    

Advanced analytics enable us to statistically analyze historical data to predict the likelihood that customers will behave in a particular way, i.e. remain loyal and repurchase products-services, or switch brands. We also determine the potential value of customers and how that value is likely to change on the basis of interventions that you're considering.

Insights that spring from analytics exercises can be used to enhance CRM decisions such as offer-design, targeting, differentiation and resource allocation. These insights can support on-going “test and learn” initiatives used to refine your products, services and offers to gain greater traction.

We help you answer your company’s most pressing questions:
  • What drives our customers to buy?
  • How can we keep customers longer and reduce churn?  
  • How can we encourage customer spend rates?
  • How can we up/cross-sell more services?
  • How can we design innovative, new product success?
  • How should we adjust your prices? 
  • What services ought to be bundled to maximize revenue?
  • What promotions work best and why?
The results? You gain a deeper understanding of your target customers so that you can make the right decisions in planning, organizing and managing for success. 

What else? Learn more about Osprey's Customer Analytics services. 

Our Customer Experience Surveys™ tap the Voice of the Customer to pinpoint key drivers that shape your customers' intention to remain loyal and repurchase.

Osprey is poised and ready to help your company use analytics to identify insights that improve your decision-making capabilities.

 Find out how Osprey’s decision support solutions can work for you.

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