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Service Process Optimization

Delivering on your service promise requires running operations as “processes” that create value for people who use the services and stakeholders alike.  Delivering personalized, end-to-end services depends on it.

Market leaders are shifting to a customer-based process-centric operations model that builds customer value across multiple touch-points and channels using multiple media.

Making the transition to a process-driven model poses significant challenges for many companies. It impacts workplace roles, metrics, and IT systems, as well as the organizational culture. Osprey helps you transform your operational activities into efficient, harmonized processes that foster effective dialogue with customers while enhancing the customer experience. 

Our process experts help you realize the following benefits:
  • A clear process strategy to support your service promise
  • Insightful process mapping that compares current vs. desired capabilities, and identifies service gaps
  • Expert analysis of your capabilities against best-of-breed practices relevant to your industry
  • A practical, phased transition to "process realignment"
  • A framework that supports new service delivery processes
  • Processes that create sustainable, competitive advantages.

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