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Developing Cx

April 2007

In today’s competitive environment, customers are a company’s precious resource. Enhancing the Customer Experience enables businesses to acquire and retain more customers while boosting sales rates. This is the central challenge of every market leader today.

The Customer Experience involves a sequence of “touch points,” which intermingle to influence the customer’s perception of value. Our extensive research and field work in this area continually inform our practice, enabling us to stay ahead of firms that claim expertise in Customer Experience Management (CEM).

Because the customer’s experience with a company and its brand crosses traditional organizational boundaries, our multi-disciplinary perspective is critical to our success. Discipline and creativity are essential. Our expertise in process optimization, CRM/technology, behavioral sciences, organizational development, and marketing research enable us take a strategic view of our clients and their customers. The “tools of our trade” include Customer Experience Surveys™ and in-depth interviews, as well as performance metrics, predictive modeling, and a range of advanced analytics.

We focus on four key areas:

1. Customer. We help clients develop a rich, multidimensional understanding of their customers. This understanding is drawn from social, cognitive, and demographic factors, and results in the ability to precisely determine the needs, expectations, and attitudes of customers.

Our findings inform market segmentation, and guide prioritizing segments on the basis of their congruence with the company’s category strengths. We identify sets of customer needs which are benchmarked against a company's capability to meet those needs—both in present and future states. This gap analysis offers companies opportunities to significantly improve their offerings.

While both social and cognitive sciences have discovered crucial insights during the last decade about customers’ preferences and attitudes, relatively little of this research has been assimilated in traditional business settings. Incorporating these insights while uncovering latent customer needs is central to our approach. We help clients incorporate these insights in effective, practical ways. This information supports aligning the client’s customer strategy with its resources.


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