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The Customer Experience

At Osprey, we focus on designing and optimizing “service systems” which support the touch points that companies use to engage and build relationships with customers.

Our goal is to drive higher levels of revenue and loyalty by improving the customer’s experience. Our work extends to developing strategies that shift customer segments to more productive and profitable channels.  

Our focus is on improving the quality of the customer's experience.  We seek to understand how the customer responds to touch points on affect as well as a cognitive level.        

We evaluate the overall customer's experience to determine whether key behavioral drivers are being addressed. We can then pinpoint and prioritize improvement opportunities that correlate with brand perception and repurchase behavior.  

A key to our work is the ability to measure customer behavior before and after touch points are adjusted. Direct observation and analysis play a critical role in informing us as we refine solutions. 

Once we’ve identified optimal ways of designing or modifying touch points to achieve the desired effect, we look for ways to streamline work and information flows so that service systems operate at peak efficiency.  

The result? Our clients transform the customer’s perception of the brand and increase customer revenue, loyalty, and advocacy, while improving service system productivity. 

 Find out how Customer Experience Management can work for you.

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