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Lessons From Emerging Markets

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Turning the page

Another interesting year is rapidly winding down. This year, I had the chance to work with many gifted business and tech leaders, but it was particularly satisfying collaborating with innovators in developing regions — the Sub-Sahara, the Middle East and South Asia.

It’s time for Western multinational companies — especially those in the customer-facing sectors — to enter developing markets where consumer-led growth is robust but capital and resources are in short supply.


Wikis & Co-Creationism

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

What’s next?  Web 2.0 is revolutionizing the way companies operate. Mass collaboration is already having a profound effect on the way we work. Blogs, JAMS, collaborative filtering, tags, feeds and wikis are fundamentally changing the way business knowledge is created and, despite some new challenges, what’s not to love?

The revolution is discussed by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams in their compelling ’07 book, Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything. The authors explore opportunities for organizations to understand and tap into web-enabled collaboration.     

Describing the upheaval as a social revolution isn’t mere hype. Even though mass collaboration, on a global scale, has just begun, encyclopedias, airplanes, software and a host of products and services are being created by distributed teams across oceans.  

P&G was struggling until it shifted to a mass collaboration-driven R&D model several years ago.  Their  success in creating new products and gnerating incremental revenue captured the minds and hearts of analysts around the world.

My company is taking part in wiki-based client-directed efforts.  Team members in Chicago, Seattle and Dublin are collaborating on projects for clients in Capetown and Milwaukee.  

The immediacy and accessibility of wikis leads to an informal, roll-up-your-sleeves setting. And it’s not just atmospherics at play. Under the right circumstances productive wiki-brainstorms tend to occur… 

There are many new challenges concerning how to structure problems to enable multiple teams to work on them and how to manage organizational networks of collaboration. This is fertile ground for social networkers and other theorists to explore.  We keep abreast of emergent practices across industries but some of our best insights come from direct experimention.

The spirit of enthusiasm and experimentation drive our best wiki effots. And I can’t begin to describe the pure joy of escaping the shackles of e-mail.  What’s not to love?  To be continued…