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Planning for What’s Next

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Scenarios are the most powerful vehicles I know for challenging our “mental models” about the world and lifting the blinders that limit our creativity and resourcefulness. ~Peter Schwartz

Using a longer lens

It’s been twenty years since the publication of Peter Schwartz’s insightful primer about scenario planning, The Art of the Long View. In the book, Schwartz makes a convincing case for using scenario planning in approaching strategic challenges of various kinds.

Schwartz, who led scenario planning efforts at Shell, Motorola, and Pacific Gas and Electric, concluded that the technique could be applied to handling the emergent complex threats that companies were confronting in the 90’s.

Since then, the world has grown radically more complex, more uncertain. Globalization and the Internet have woven together our institutions so that a crisis in one corner of the world can spread virally with far-reaching consequences.


“Design and the Elastic Mind”

Saturday, May 10th, 2008

Paola Antonelli, curator of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art discussed MOMA’s current show, “Design and the Elastic Mind” on the Charlie Rose Show [interview…] last week.  Ms Antonelli described the “elasticity” necessary to cope with a fast-moving world, and the way designers help us “stretch” to better adapt.

Antonelli says that complexity is a driving force in today’s world.  Design, an intrinsically human-centric endeavor, helps people deal with that and other disruptive forces.  Designers, she thinks, are becoming the new intellectual pragmatists who must bring together an array of disciplines that need to converge to help us navigate complexity.

She discusses themes at the confluence of design, science and technology that affect future the way we refine our services the “day-after-tomorrow”.  It’s a terrific conversation.

> Related: Check out Paola Antonelli’s talk (’07) at TED in Monterrey, Treating Design as Art .

Blogging Advice Taken to Heart…

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

I tend to over-research and over-analyze things. Before I ever wrote my first blog, I studied the art form exhaustively.  I read books like Naked Conversations.  I scoured biz, political, and science blogs–looking for acceptable ways to offer my purely unsolicited opinion.

But it turns out the best (read: game changing) tip on blogging came from Nora Ephron who advised Charlie Rose on how to do it. She said, “Sit down and write, and write it fast, and if you’ve been working on it for more than an hour and a half it’s not a blog. It’s something else and you’ve taken too long on it because it should really feel as if it’s true at that moment and then not much longer than that.”  Bingo.