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Designer. Sui Generis

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

His true legacy is that he made the digital analogue. He turned ‘stuff’ into enduring delight. And what one business would have seen as irrelevant, expensive design detail, he made glorious, emotional connectivity. ~Richard Seymour, designer

His Legacy

In countless tributes to Steve Jobs, Apple devotees are understandably praising him for redefining several consumer electronics categories — the computer, the mouse, the MP3 player, the smartphone and the tablet.

Apple’s sleek devices resonate with users through all the noise and clutter of their lives, whether they’re in Johannesburg, Shanghai or São Paulo.

But Jobs’ impact extends beyond Apple’s wildly successful product line. Jobs not only raised the bar on consumer electronics, he transformed the discipline of design. Due to the universal appeal of his work, he revolutionized the way designers everywhere approach their work.


Build a Better Smartphone

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Don’t miss today’s NYT piece on the showdown between the smartphone heavyweights –  R.I.M.’s Blackberry and Apple’s iPhone.  The battle is pitting competing models that evolved along two different paths, and each is scrutinizing the other as the market grows and stratefies.

Both field generals – Lazaridis vs. Jobs – are brilliant strategists, but each has a unique vision and problem solving style reflected by their respective organizations and their products.

R.I.M. has long appealed to business users who demand relentless connectivity; the company shaped the category due to its combination of functionality, stability and security.  Those features were enough to give R.I.M. a critical mass of market share which has grown incrementally.

Then came the iPhone with its silky touchscreen and utter seamlessness.  It was a category killer from Day One. I’ve never met a user who wasn’t enthralled.  The user experience is the message.

What’s next is their battle for the hearts and minds of business users in the rarified 3G space.  Both companies will likely co-opt the best features of the other.  (Look for R.I.M. to come up with a niftier interface while upgrading its functionality and security in the 3G world.)

This battle couldn’t be more fascinating. I’m betting – and this is a very safe bet – that the real winner will be the consumer.